Sometimes referred to as "What did you hear?" 21. Great Sales Training = The Best Sales Outcomes Data abound and offer solid proof: 80% of high-performing sales teams consider their training process as “very good” or “outstanding”. Team building ideas – Throw in a few sales strategy games on the first day. You may unsubscribe from these communications at any time. This sales training game aims to demonstrate the point that sales is a numbers game and the more you participate (roll the dice) the higher the chance of getting a six (close the sale). Your reps need to learn and retain all of the company-specific skills and knowledge in order to succeed in their jobs. The object can be something abstract like a strange Lego build, or it could be an everyday item laying around the office. If your business sells multiple products, software, or upgrades, make a list of the key ones. That's what those who are winning customers during this time are doing. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Task your reps with identifying what the problem is to which the obscure item is the solution. The challenge could involve picking anything in the room or office. In large new hire classes, role play as a prospect and have reps take turns asking the next logical question following the statement you’ve made. Engaging in professional development activities as a team can focus on personal development (learning what makes each salesperson on a team tick) or it can focus on learning about your industry. In the blink of an eye, new competitors emerge, products similar to yours are released, and before you know it, it's a race to the bottom. Vendor: RAIN Group 2. As an added bonus, this can serve as an introduction for new hires to employees from other departments. card with common sales tactics and milestones (such as "price objection" or "need/pain identified"). When your sales team goes from 0 to 1 or 1 to 2, sales training is easy. Listen to the call alongside your rep, with each of you writing down what you heard that could have been said better, or what was said that stuck out in a great way. Present your buyer's journey. Have your reps come up with all of the reasons they’ve heard why someone would reject your product. Conduct a competitive analysis. How can we support salespeople if they are struggling to learn the skill. Break people … Subscribe to industry publications, newsletters, and podcasts. A classic sales kickoff theme that highlights strong hits, teamwork, and strategy. The concept of the elevator pitch (or e–pitch) is simple — you’re in an elevator with somebody you’re trying to sell to, and have only 30-60 seconds to make your case before that person gets off the elevator. 1. Chances are, your company has some insight into your competition. In fact, if that’s your current system, all of that hard work and training could be forgotten by your team in just a few months. Encouraging your team to talk about how they made a sale serves to encourage other employees. This may include in-person learning, e-learning, micro-learning, gamification, or other training techniques to help salespeople improve. Since every sales team has different goals and expectations, it’s important to craft a custom training plan specifically for your new sales hires. This will make salespeople sympathetic to their future customers’ problems, get a grip on the entire sales cycle, and understand how your product/service is actually helpful. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. At the end of the presentations, hold a vote and give a prize for best commercial. Sales Training Ideas. If you’re in need of a Jeopardy! Coaching them on their strengths and sticking points is an ongoing job. Incorporate assessments; Examine win/loss reports; Leverage peer learning; Put sales reps in their buyer's shoes; Highlight industry trends and news; Keep millennials in mind; Practice responding to objections; Sales process deep-dive; Pre-boarding; Sales manager "mastery sessions" Have some cool team building training ideas, role playing scenarios, and incentive ideas for sales training. Free and premium plans, Sales CRM software. Familiarize your office with new terminologies. Sales training is the ongoing process of teaching sales teams how to create profitable, deal-closing interactions with buyers. Cookies help us deliver our services. After new hires are trained, have them give a presentation on what the typical buyer’s journey looks like for your product or service. Sales training falls into two different categories. On a moment’s notice, and without hesitation, salespeople should be ready to explain what it is that they are selling in a concise, convincing, and clear way. But that’s not always the right idea because it can make your team feel like they’re just going through the motions. More importantly, they can explain what they learned and how they addressed the problem next time. Try to keep to a structure when using storytelling in your retail sales training. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. Hosting panels with salespeople in your org that highlight their stories of success can serve as guidance and inspiration to both new and existing salespeople. 10 Sales Training Topics for Onboarding New Sales Reps 1) Organizational Background Information The first thing new sales professionals need to know, regardless of their prior experience, is the type of organization for which they will be working. Authority is good, influence is better. Dan Tyre, a sales director here at HubSpot, recommends a tactic to foster self-reflection and personal growth in new hires. Keep new hires on their toes with this fun activity. He and his team worked to determine the best ways to ensure that the break or breach wouldn’t happen. This is especially true if your company sells a complex software or if it’s a newer, lesser-known company. Intended audience: B2B sales teams 6. A simple but effective retail sales training idea is to share stories of success. Sequentially, sales trainers should answer these four questions: So, for example, you may decide you want your salespeople to become experts in your product. Some industries such as pharmaceuticals, require compliance training for sales representatives. But that doesn’t do them any good if they have a thin pipeline. Get certified. Instead try to strategize on surprising your customers with extras. Subscribe to industry publications, newsletters, and podcasts. Perfecting a short elevator pitch or 30-second commercial can have a massive effect on results. Purpose: To illustrate the importance of discovering needs before launching into a sales speech. Points are awarded to reps based on how many times they are able to push the stranger for more information. That answers question one. winner and the cold caller for a successful Bingo! hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '62c06f07-1fcd-4ad0-9580-421ba0faf425', {}); Editor's note: This post was originally published in September 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. The point is to get the team actively listening for and identifying prospect handling techniques while learning from a live example. Here’s an example of what that might look like. Talk to yourself the way you want to … I once spoke to a software engineer who described his job as "coming in and figuring out how to break our software everyday." Sales training should match the goals of each role and meet people where they're at. this sales training exercise involves playing recorded sales calls or meetings and discerning the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ll introduce you to some of the best sales training ideas so you can: Improve your employees’ sales skills. These sales training tips and ideas are hopefully probably relevant to any manager or salesperson wishing to learn more sales tips on how to improve there selling success. These ideas and games are perfect ways to sharpen the skills of your existing team or as part of onboarding training for new sales hires. Stay up to date with the latest marketing, sales, and service tips and news. 10 Sales Training Ideas for 2020. Blog Posts & Infographics. Train employees in a product. Product training should be one of the very first things you teach new reps – they should be able to explain in detail how each product works, what business value it offers, and the reasons it appeals to your company’s ideal customers. Fun sales training exercises can be a great way to help your team develop those critical skills that make the difference between a rookie and a pro, and they don’t even take that much time to do. Reps can open up about a time where they fell short, didn’t make the deal, or didn’t achieve the outcome they were expecting. 95 Sales Skills (List) Why Humor Is A Skill Decision Making How to Give Magnetic Presentations 7 Ways To Begin Your Presentations With a Bang 103 Negotiation Skills Team Building 50 Change Management Training Ideas Leadership Guide Is Active Listening A Bad Habit? (This game is often played by asking for directions to somewhere, but any question will do.). Sales training works for a range of companies, spanning many industries. However, you can also run e-pitch competitions for continued sales training, putting random objects or ideas in a hat and challenging existing salespeople to pick one at random and brainstorm a pitch to work on their public speaking, persuasion, and brevity skills. Read through the list to determine the best tactics and programs to use when training your sales team. This develops sales reps' muscles for reading prospects and knowing when to push further or quit. Instruct each rep to approach a stranger and ask a question. However, your new sales hire might not know all of your comparative strengths and weaknesses, even though those points may come up on their very first sales call. From there, in a mock selling situation with a prospect (either another new rep or someone on the training team), have the rep try to get the prospect to identify the need themselves, and provide the solution (in this case, the obscure product). Report violations, Effective Presentations to Hostile Audiences, 10+ Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, How to Stop Worrying About Leadership and Start Leading. The presentation could follow one of your buyer personas realizing their problem, looking for solutions, how they stumbled upon your business, and what made them choose to do business with you. Sales training in small and medium-sized banks is always a challenge — not because tellers, personal bankers and managers do not have the capability to sell but because they believe the myth that selling is inherently bad. That’s an example of a training idea implemented with purpose, a clear goal, and actionable next steps to ensure the knowledge and skills and retained. That way they’ll be locked and loaded when someone brings that concern up on a call. 1. E-pitch competitions are a staple for new hire training, as they force reps to get the value of a product out clearly and quickly. Similar to S'up, this game is also played in public. It exposes your reps to what internal documentation you already have on the subject. Ask your employees to break their stories into: The problem the customer encountered Lead by example with your sales training and you’ll have a strong Number Two willing to follow you into battle. Then, have them develop — on their own or in groups — the most convincing counters to those objections. Price: Contact RAIN GroupAccording to RAIN Group's analysis of 731 purchases, the salespeople who close deals provide buyers with fresh information and ideas three times more often than losing reps. Complacency can kill in a sales job, so encourage salespeople to listen to sales podcasts and subscribe to newsletters from the best sales blogs, regardless of where they are in their career. Make it fun and let ideas flow from all your reps. 18. Sales Training Topic #2: Cold Calling and Prospecting. This game develops creativity, positioning, and presentation skills. Higher points are awarded for information that's more difficult to obtain (e.g. Have one of your reps make a cold call while the rest of the team listens on speakerphone. All rights reserved. Soft Skills Public Speaking Mastery of public speaking techniques can improve proposals. style template, Lifewire has compiled a resourceful list of templates you can use to quiz your salespeople on product training. what they had for lunch is worth less than a story about their childhood). What knowledge or skill do I want salespeople to acquire? Compare notes to see how attentive your rep is and to hear their opinion on how the call went. Instead of trying to overcome your fear, use it to your advantage. Strengthen your team’s understanding of selling best practices by requiring or suggesting they acquire a useful sales certification. You may read every book there is on riding a bicycle; it won’t be as effective as grabbing one and wobbling your way to routine. 7 Reasons Why Sales Training Fails. For more information, check out our privacy policy. There are nearly 15 million salespeople working in the United States, and they spend weeks or even months training for success in their role. Each rep must initiate a conversation with a stranger and "prospect" for personal information during the course of the conversation. Host success (and failure) panels. Sales books may sound slick, but you need practice to hone your skills . 🚀 Introducing Custom Activities: Connect the dots of EVERY lead and prospect interaction → Sales Training Tips and Ideas. Reward the Bingo! It can focus on one specific aspect of your product/service for a more thorough deep dive. One of the best ways for your reps to retain information could be for you to reinforce it during the training. Given the different responsibilities, industries, and team structures salespeople encounter, it’s hard to recommend a one-size-fits-all approach to sales training. You can use mobile-based quiz platforms like Kahoot to put the quiz right in the hands of your trainees, ensure everyone’s involvement, and analyze where the gaps in data are in your group afterwards. End each day evaluating your performance and identify one item upon which you can improve. It compares you to your competition with a fresh set of eyes, which could offer new talking points and arguments for future sales situations. Written by AJ Beltis See all integrations. Getting Started with Sales Training. Strategies for influencing, politics, decision making and motivating. Technology: CRM Training When your sales team are trained in your CRM they're more likely to use the full power of the tool. Originally published Jun 16, 2020 1:30:00 PM, updated June 16 2020, 21 Sales Training Games, Activities, & Ideas to Ramp Up Your Team, Featured Resource: Sales Training Template for Your New Hires, free Inbound Sales Certification and Course, How to Train your SDR Team, According to HubSpot Managers, How to Crush Your First 100 Days as an SDR, According to HubSpot Reps Who've Done It. A sales rep who doesn’t perfectly understand the product they’re selling is a completely ineffective rep. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer." Each team then collaborates to come up with a purpose for the item, identify the pain it solves, and script messaging for a "commercial" to "sell" the item to the group. Here are a few tips for educating and developing your sales force: 1. Read more >> How to Set up the Best Sales Training. Encourage the use of sales tools. Use E-Learning to Educate If your sales team doesn’t know your product front to back, even the best listeners will fall short in closing a sale. Business, management & leadership training. Honesty goes a long way in training, as do personal connections. We're committed to your privacy. Here is a collection of the best sales training ideas, tips, advice, and research to help you get the most out of your sales training investment. Companies with a dedicated sales enablement function improved their sales training effectiveness by 29%. Take your team to a public place, like a mall or networking event, and have them pair up for accountability. Have the team do objection handling training exercises. Each listening rep has a Bingo! 22. If the answer is all wrong, or if there is a silence in the room, you get to chime in and give guidance on what could be asked. But like any skill, even naturally adept salespeople need to hone their skills through consistent sales training. Your sales team can be amazing at discovery, presenting, and objection handling. For example, a rep might ask you "What made you reach out for more information?" As the industry shifts and new thought leaders emerge, reps can use the knowledge from these publications to stay in touch with new best practices and continuously build their knowledge base. This game is particularly effective with a big onboarding class or for retraining a large group of existing reps. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. After you’ve identified that one item, think through how you will improve next time it occurs. In this game, the sales manager or trainer splits reps into multiple teams and distributes a random object to each team. Then, the rep needs to figure out the best question to ask in response to that need. Focus: Insight selling 5. Shuffle both lists and have salespeople match the problem to the solution so they can determine when someone is a good candidate for a certain solution. When the stranger provides the answer, the rep must probe for more information as if they "don't get it." How can we ensure salespeople retain this knowledge? The sales profession moves faster than ever today. As for question four, new reps who fall short on their demo might be given access to additional documentation, recordings of successful demos, or demo coaching sessions to strengthen their skills. achieved. Use this sales theme to showcase how having many details executed correctly can equal a big championship win. This information is important so reps can speak knowledgeably about products to prospects, set proper expectations for the end user, and earn the trust of those they’re talking to, answering question two. Part 1: Planning and preparing effective sales meeting agendas. Spontaneous pop quizzes during training and onboarding sessions can keep your salespeople engaged, particularly if the testing is gamified. Swing for the Fences! Games offer a fun, true-to-life learning experience. You would then express a common problem a potential customer might look to your company to solve. Negotiation Training Negotiating behavior and strategy. You can use it to build out a more detailed and specific onboarding plan for your organization. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(53, '1dc09795-02c8-4fbe-a62b-a1d669dec2c5', {}); That’s why we’ve made a list of the best sales training ideas, activities, and games. Training your team requires providing them with more than a manual and a few workshops before sending them out into the field. S'up is a common sales game for building reps' confidence. A sales training or sales training program is designed to help sales professionals achieve sales success for themselves or their organization. This equips reps to go into calls with more confidence, the right vocabulary, and a clear direction in which to take the conversation. Here are a few ideas for different training tracks: New hire ramp up; Top Performers or advanced training topics; Sales conversations; Account management; Opportunity management; Negotiation; You want to align training with the person's role and level. Having reps conduct their own competitive analysis offers many benefits for you and your company. This template is pre-filled with the sections you’ll find on most sales training plans. Have the team do objection handling training exercises. Location: Your choice 3. By using our services, you agree to, Copyright 2002-2020 Simplicable. No matter what sales training ideas, games, or activities you’re using in your office, they should serve the ultimate purpose of making salespeople better at their jobs. Why are those skills important to them and to business growth? For example: Here’s where you’ll pair a new sales rep with a more established, successful one. 7 Sales Training Games That Actually Boost Your Skills. Question three is where you match a training idea or activity to teach or outline the learning you want to highlight, so maybe you decide that a sales rep giving a successful product demo is the best training idea for addressing this need. A sales training and onboarding plan consolidates role expectations, training timelines, and resources into one place for your newly hired salespeople. 1. He suggests new reps set up a written list or spreadsheet of the three "potholes" they fall into each day, as a way of holding themselves accountable, taking risks, and reviewing growth opportunities. Why not take a similar approach with your sales team? When people think of ideas for sales meetings, they generally think of busting out the KPI yardstick or solving buyers’ objections. Read more: 7 Sales Training Ideas to Try in 2019 This is why generating pipeline and prospecting is … Below are 7 sales training ideas you can start doing right now. Understandable:Everyone hearing your pitch should get a proper snap… When you understand the selling behaviors and processes found in a complete retail sales training program, you can handle objections and add-on to every sale. As a sales manager, you know the importance of regularly training your reps. Influence is how business gets done. The course has been taken thousands of times and can be a helpful step in making salespeople better at their jobs. Use a sales training template. Length: Two days 4. Organizations with high-performing sales teams are twice as likely to provide ongoing training as companies with poorly performing sales teams. Bonus: Three sales meeting ideas. After a new sales class is onboarded, inform them that the rest of the company has been instructed to — at any time during the work day — approach new sales hires and ask, "What’s a…" followed by the name of your company, your product, or your software. Then, write out a one or two-sentence scenario where a potential customer would benefit from it. One of the mottos we love here at HubSpot is "Always be learning.". You might even have an entire competitive analysis team. Marketing automation software. Set a timer and alert the participants when they have a few seconds left to roll the dice. A popular belief is that sales people are born to sell, and that an individual either "has it" or they don't, and nothing can be done to change it. Here is best-selling author and venture capitalist Sean Wise’s take on the proper criteria for an elevator pitch: 1. Keep track, and the person who asks the most logical next questions wins. The existing rep can walk new hires through the day-to-day of the job, show what success looks like, and serve as a mentor for personal and professional growth. Many people, including some in the sales profession, believe that sales training is a waste of time and money. Almost 75% of sales kickoff attendees say their company's SKO doesn't merit an "A" grade, while 29% rate it a "C" or below. As real-life investor (and crook) Jordan Belfort, Leonardo DiCaprio delivers this line to a group of colleagues in an impromptu selling exercise, challenging them to create a need in the eyes of a potential buyer. Ross Nibur, Director of Revenue Operations and Strategy (and former Director of Business Development) at Toast, proposes a four-step process to developing and implementing any sales training idea. Note: This activity can easily be used as a sales training icebreaker.Goal: To remind salespeople that selling is not about the product or service. @AJBeltis. Here are some quick ideas how to sell more... 11 retail selling tips to make more retail sales. However, what might be even more valuable is a sales failure panel. At the end of your training, quiz new hires on five to 10 different categories, with each category containing five questions of increasing difficulty and point value. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. Control your inner dialogue. For example, HubSpot Academy has a free Inbound Sales Certification and Course available online, including insights and advice from industry experts. ... Sharpen skills by reviewing sales training. At conferences, on the phone, or when networking, sales reps typically have a short window to make an impression, so they’ve got to make it count. Most sales training programs help develop sales skills and techniques needed to approach cold leads, create new sales opportunities, close deals, and build rapport with clients and customers. 8 Unique Sales Training Ideas to Help Your Team Succeed 1- Make Assessments Part of Your Schedule A vital sales training activity, assessments, is important even when the employee has completed his training with flying colors. Sales is a lot like that. Listen to and assess call recordings. We’ll have a few examples fleshed out in the resource above. Sales Training Tip # 6: Practice Positive Self-Talk Practice positive self-talk continually.